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  • Abigail Seta

CBC staff donate food items to West Papuan Community

Rainbow, Port Moresby: The staff of Catholic Bishops Conference donated three cartons of food items to the West Papuan community at the Rainbow camp on Friday, 08th October.

The items consisting of rice, protein, biscuits, noodles, tea and sugar were handed over in a brief ceremony to the community leader of the camp, Mr. Olaf Wayangakauw witnessed by a number of community members.

“On behalf of the West Papuans at Rainbow Camp, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to CBCPNGSI who have shown your compassion and solidarity with us on our journey as displaced communities,” said Mr Wayangakauw upon receiving the items.

Representing CBC, Executive Assistant to the General Secretary, Nyleptha Maino, said that it was a staff initiative with the aim to give to the less fortunate communities in Port Moresby who need basic food and toiletry items.

“The CBC management and staff will continue supporting groups like the West Papuans with what we can to help them with for their livelihood here in Port Moresby,” she said.

The rainbow camp has 57 families residing in makeshift homes with access to 1 pit toilet, shower rooms made out of makeshift materials and minimal electricity. The majority of the children are not in school due to school fee constraints and documentation issues

For more than 30 years, the West Papuan community have resided at 9 mile, however, due to land issues, they were evicted and are currently scattered across the city with two main camps at Hohola 1 and Rainbow and other smaller camps at Hohola 2, Tete Settlement and 9 mile.

Integrating into society is still a struggle for these refugee people.

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