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CBC NCES takes part in drafting new 50 years vision for the PNG Education System

Port Moresby: With the Grand-chief’s 50 years education vision (1975- 2025) nearing the end, the Marape Government and his Education Minister, Hon. Jimmy Uguro have now commenced with the Framework and skeleton building of a new transformative 50 years vision and plan for the education system of the country.

(CBC PNGSI National Catholic Education Secretary Fr Lawrence Arockiaraj)

As per the plan, the vision will cover several core areas of importance that were identified over the years by various key figures and stakeholders. And they are by which:

• Curriculum

• School System Structure

• TTD (Teachers’ Education, Training, and Development)

• Digitization.

• Infrastructure & Learner Friendly Environments.

• Governance, Leadership, And Management

• Education services delivery

• Informal/ Illiteracy Education.

Apart from that, the working team under the supervision and direction of Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra has planned to make the vision and framework of this yet-to-be-endorsed education system a ‘culturally oriented’ one with the aim of improving lifestyles and developing more ‘structured human beings’ in the society. 

Behind the framework and structure building of the vision are various stakeholders of the PNG education system. With which the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands (CBC PNGSI) being responsible for various top-performing schools in the country, was given the privilege to help with the framework.

Representing the CBC PNGSI National Catholic Education Commission in the first draft presentation of the 50-year vision to the Minister for Education by the working team was former Deputy Secretary Mr Victor Piniau who has been vocal on issues affecting the education system in the country over the past years. 

Piniau had the opportunity to give several on-hands experiences that he has encountered during visits to several schools in the country in the recent years. One such example was in a remote school in East New Britain where he discovered that students were suffering from the absence of teachers. 

With the Catholic Church being the leading church in providing education services in the country in partnership with the Education Department, the CBC PNGSI National Catholic Education Commission looks forward to more collaborative efforts with the Department of Education in the coming years. 

Meanwhile, Catholic Bishops Conference National Catholic Education Secretary Fr Lawrence Arockiaraj said that Education is something that should begin at home and parents also have an important role to play and strongly suggests that Vision 2075 should address this.

“The two key principles of life “Moral and Knowledge” are first taught at home to the children because that is where education begins, therefore, children should not be blamed for misbehaving as parents must take on the first-hand responsibility of shaping children”, he said. 

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