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  • Fr. Robinson Parappilly, sdb

Bosco Teens attend Faith Formation Program

Tetere, Solomon Islands: Almost 300 Sunday school children from Christ the King Parish, Tetere, Solomon Islands, gathered at the Salesian parish for a 3-day faith formation program from 6th-8th August 2021.

The children aged between 4-15 years, known as the Bosco Teens, came from 15 different Christian communities for the weekend program which had as its theme, “Sunday school children holy, formed and rooted in faith.” These children are regulars on Sundays for catechism classes in their communities.

On the first day of the program, Parish Priest Fr. Robinson Parappilly sdb, gave a penitential recollection talk based on Family. The children were made to understand and identify the building blocks of what a loving family was made of. He exhorted them to avoid stumbling blocks like criticism, hostility, disrespect, bossing over others, suspicion, fighting, indifference, gossip, and selfishness. He urged them instead to have unconditional love for their families.

“A loving and happy family can be built through praise, acceptance, trust, understanding, respect and forgiveness. The spirit of giving, being joyful and listening to one another should always prevail”, encouraged Fr. Robinson.

The program served as an opportunity for the children to make good confessions and resolutions in their life. During this time sixteen children made their first confession in preparation for their first Holy Communion.

Ms. Valentina from DBTI Henderson, who animated the second day, taught the children many Christian devotional action songs. The children enjoyed and joyfully took part in learning new songs of praise and worship giving glory to their God.

The children had also undergone formation on the Creed, the Ten Commandments and attended Bible lessons. There were videos and PowerPoint presentations on the Sacraments of the Church to give the children a fair idea of their Christian faith.

During the afternoons the children had indoor and outdoor games to build friendships and promote communion with each other, whilst in the evenings, a well-organized Rosary service was conducted by the teachers as thanksgiving to the Blessed Mother for her protection and guidance.

Bible quizzes, and a talent show, which saw the children dance and sing to Christian theme songs, were the highlight of the nights that presented opportunities for the children to exhibit their talents and show their love for Jesus.

On the last day of the program, a very well animated liturgy led by the Bosco Teens saw procession dances and vibrant singing.

Sixteen children who received their first Holy Communion were dressed in white clothes and traditional attire. The children had an unforgettable experience of their coming together as Children of God.

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