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  • Theodore Luak (UPNG Journalism Student)

Bishop Jozef Roszynski SVD celebrates Eucharistic Mass at Holy Name of Jesus Parish-Bomana.

Bomana, Port Moresby: As custom for the Bishops to visit different Parishes when they gather for their Annual General Meeting, Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Bomana was among the Parishes that were scheduled for the Bishops to go and celebrate the Eucharistic Mass with the Catholic believers on Sunday April 14, 2024.

(His Lordship Bishop Jozef Roszynki SVD, Holy Name of Jesus Parish Chairman Peter Simbakue, and altar servers take a group picture after the mass. PC: Theodore Luak)

The parish hosted His Lordship Bishop Jozef Roszynski SVD as the main celebrant for the Eucharistic celebration for the third Sunday of Easter with a beautiful choir led by the Our Lady of the Assumption BCC.

The quiet parish enveloped in the green scenery in the periphery of the busy Port Moresby city had parishioners flocking in to celebrate the Eucharist with the visiting celebrant from the Diocese of Wewak resulting in the church being full and the rest of the faithful following the mass standing outside.

During Bishop’s homily, he mentioned the death and resurrection of Christ.

“The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ truly gives meaning to the livelihood of every one of us and it also gives happiness to our journey. Just like when the Apostles went out to spread and utter his word to the people as it is the main message that they want people to take into account and follow them. Jesus himself has fulfilled the prophecies by the Prophets of the Old Testament where he has to bear the pain and die to rescue us from this sinful world according to the book of Prophet Isaiah which describes all types of pains Jesus bore. Jesus himself said to us as his disciples that he is the living bread who came down from heaven, and if anyone who eats of this bread and drink of this cup he or she will have everlasting life”.

Bishop Roszynski concluded by saying we show our faith in Jesus’ resurrection and what he has done in our lives by how we live our lives being witnesses to the Gospel. He also commended the parishioners for their faith bringing them together.

Adding a special touch to the mass was the offertory procession that had dancers dressed in meri blouses with coconut-weaved palms over their shoulders and crown-like on their heads.

Parish Chairman Mr Peter Simbakue acknowledged Bishop Roszynski for celebrating mass at their parish while extending his appreciation to the altar servers.

“It’s very uplifting and it’s a huge blessing for us as parishioners of the Holy Name of Jesus. We usually have Bishops visiting us, especially when we have children receiving the sacrament of confirmation. But having Bishops visiting us especially when they have conferences in town is a huge blessing to the parish. Last year we had Bishop John Bosco Auram from the Diocese of Kimbe and also earlier in the year, we had Bishop Paul Sundu from Kundiawa. It is so special to me that we have a new Bishop visiting to celebrate the Eucharistic Mass with us. It is also my first time to be part of the Eucharistic Mass celebrated by Bishop Jozef Roszynski SVD”, said Mr. Peter Simbakue.


Mr. Raphael Nagivu who was one of the altar servers during the mass shared how he felt having Bishop Jozef Roszynski celebrating the Eucharistic mass in their parish.

“I feel that there’s more joy within my heart. There are several stages in ordained clergy and having a Bishop visiting your parish, it brings more joy to me and also the believers of the parish. It is my first time having part take in celebrating the Eucharistic Mass with Bishop Jozef Roszynski and I’m so grateful and honored to also participate as the Altar server for him during the mass”.

The mass concluded well with light refreshments prepared by the Parishioners as they shared the meal with Bishop Jozef Roszynski SVD.


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