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  • Nigel Akuani

Be Pro-Life Not Against It

Port Moresby: Being a Christian nation means human life before and after birth should be safeguarded and should not be subjected to the ill treatment of abortion.

Chat Room’s session on Wednesday 25th August 2021, had six students from La Salle Technical College, come out strongly to emphasize the importance of protecting human life against the inhumane practice of abortion.

Their discussion brought into view values and principles of the Christian Teachings about preserving human life, the presence and application of morality and ethics when faced with acts of infanticide, existent laws under the nation’s Criminal Code Act prohibiting the practice, reasons and effects of abortion, impact on young girls, their families and society, with a distressed call to parents, human-aid organizations and the government to help youths who were in desperate need of assistance.

Currently in Grade 9, Mary Ora, defined abortion as the practice of harming a living human fetus with the intent of causing death, and said this was mainly due to unwanted pregnancies. “Before young people especially girls opt to take such extreme measures, just be mindful that every life conceived through pregnancy whether planned or unintended was bestowed onto this earth by God with a purpose. When such an act is committed, it is a mortal sin committed against God himself,” she stated.

Grade 10 student, Amos Warupi, said girls and women often committed such acts in secret for fear of dropping out from school and being criticized and resented by peers and families. “When young people fall into these types of life altering problems at such an early age, they panic and do the unthinkable because there is no support or form of counselling available to support them through this period,” he said.

“The government seriously needs to improve counselling services for girls, young women and couples, and parents have a pivotal and undeniable role to play in teaching their kids to become responsible citizens in their families and communities,” he added.

Student of Grade 9, Mcril Rilipu, spoke about the laws in place that defined Abortion as the criminal act of murder and said even God himself disproved the act and considered it a mortal sin. “Under sections 228, 229 and 284 of the Criminal Code Act, abortion is a crime. The very fact that PNG is a Christian country means that we should never kill, especially an unborn baby, because it too still deserves love and protection,” he stressed.

Francisca Gau, also in Grade 9, described how a woman’s womb was very special and life conceived there was sacred and should not be tempered with in any way that is to cause harm. “Many uneducated women turn to abortion because they think it is the fastest way out. But what they fail to realize is that their womb conceives life has been and is the most sacred place in the world. It is the birthplace of the son of man, and to commit such an atrocity would be to deny a life blessed with purpose from God,” she said.

Isabella Wangoro, explained how practices of abortion and experiences of unwanted pregnancies could be avoided, and highlighted that proper parenting techniques, advice and support to young people was paramount. “Parents and elders have to take time to sit with their children and talk openly about these issues. This is all part of teaching young people to be disciplined in making the right choices that are sensible and responsible. Sex is not a game, and they need to know how to abstain from sex at an early age to to avoid in future `any associated consequences,” she emphasized.

Chat Room's next session on Wednesday 1st September, will have students from St Charles Lwanga Secondary School talk on the significance of overcoming peer pressure.

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