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Adventure stories for young people

Mumbai: 22nd January 2022: Director of Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga, Fr Leon D'Cruz sdb, invited Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb on holiday in Mumbai to celebrate a Youth Eucharist for a group of 12 lively and committed people on the 22nd January 2022. He shared with them the mission experience of living in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea for over 23 years.

“The Salesian Mission in the Melanesian context happens gradually over a period of time. Mission, as we all know, is living with the people, understanding their customs, culture, joys and struggles, hopes and dreams, plans and goals. Being tribal people, they reveal themselves gradually when they are able to trust you. They are people with a high IQ, who can read us even before we read them. There is slow and steady progress. It is not easy to get into the Melanesian mind, attitudes and value systems as we are biased with a foreign mission mind, culture and attitude. Time, commitment, respect, peace are no easy concepts to grasp and understand. Things happen only in 'His time'. Therefore, the need for us to be open and patient as we journey with them”, “said Fr Ambrose.

It will be wonderful if we can have a great exchange of young people who will come to learn from our people to manage with the minimum, enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature and sit down to listen and share their experiences with one another (Gutpela sindaun). We look forward to this Salesian Youth Mission experience both in the Pacific Islands and in India. The sharing was with groups of Salesians as well.

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