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  • Nigel Akuani

4-Year Diocesan Plan launched by Daru-Kiunga

Kiunga, Western Province: As a way to officially launch the 4-year Diocesan Plan of the Diocese of Daru-Kiunga, a Eucharistic Celebration was held to mark the special occasion.

The launching mass for ‘Phase 3 of Stage 2’ of the Diocesan Plan was held on Thursday 9th September, in the St Gerard’s Cathedral in Kiunga. It was celebrated by newly ordained Bishop of Daru-Kiunga, Joseph Dureoro SVD. Bishop Emeritus, Gilles Cote SMM, and thirteen priests concelebrated at the Eucharist. It also had in attendance Religious, Seminarians, and lay faithful from the surrounding and nearby communities.

In accordance with the new Bishops motto, the goal of the 4-year Diocesan Plan was to ensure that the diocese grew deeper in promoting and living the values of Openness, Hope, Love and Faith. It will commence in year 2022 and go on till 2025.

The celebrations’ main intention read: “We pray that all of us in the Diocese of Daru-Kiunga may discover and deepen our relationship in Jesus Christ, as our only Lord and Saviour, as we grow deeper our attitude of openness, hope, love and faith.”

In the homily presented by Bp Gilles, he reflected on the theme ‘Go Deeper into the Heart of Jesus Christ’, and urged for the people to work closely with their new bishop to make certain that this vision is achieved by 2025. “The next four years will be an amazing and profound experience as we will live and go more deeply into Jesus and His Mystery. That truly is the way to holiness, in fact the only way, and we want to walk that way together as one people,” he said.

“The more we are all united with Jesus, the more we are in communion with the Father and with one another, the more we are loving one another. We will promote and live the values of openness, hope, love and faith,” he added.

Reflecting on the scripture of Mark 9:7 (‘This is my beloved Son, listen to Him’), Bp Gilles called on the people to become like the disciples, always ready to eagerly listen to Jesus and live his words. “If we put it into practice with perseverance, we too will be led to make an experience similar to that of the apostles. Jesus will bring us to an ever-deeper awareness of His person and to an ever-closer relationship with him,” he said.

Traditional dances were presented by groups from the North-Fly Region, Middle-Fly and South, during the entrance procession, offertory, and recessional. Liturgy and choir were orchestrated by Youths of St Gerard’s Parish.

After mass, a showcase was made by Diocesan Administration staff that had presented before all: The Diocesan Plan Booklet; The Four key values of Openness, Love, Hope and Faith; Diocesan Target; and The People.

The Diocesan Plan Booklet for ‘Phase Three of Stage Two’ that contains the specific plans of the Parishes and Diocesan Services approved at the Diocesan Assembly. The four key values of Openness, Love, Hope and Faith, act as a signpost in the diocese’s journey of faith from 2022 to 2025. The Diocesan Target is the objective that will guide all the activities and programmes to help promote the four core values.

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