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  • Elizabeth Makis

Young people should express themselves

Port Moresby: Speaking at the Chat Room Program at Tribe FM on 8th June 2022, 5 students from La Salle Technical Secondary School discussed the topic “Freedom of Expression” and have urged students and young people to express themselves.

They talked about the importance of self-expression, how the youth can practice it in schools and communities, factors that may hinder it, lack of it and why it is important for students to be educated on section 46 of the Constitution of Papua New Guinea.

Kwalimu Lofena, a grade 9 student explained that ‘freedom of expression' is oneself’s views and opinions about the environment around them, the people they mix with and their rights.

Coshel Bubiag, a grade 9 female student said as stated in the constitution [section 46], it is important and useful for young people to express themselves because when they do, it helps them and the society progress.

Bubiag said, “It’s really important that young people get to be educated about section 46 of the constitution because it says, ‘freedom of expression’ and it is basically the right that allows you to express yourself freely”

She said, “Young people need to notice so that they will be able to express themselves with the confidence knowing that it is not wrong and that everyone has the right to give their own opinions and ideas. Self-expression basically gives the society a much deeper sense of understanding on how each individual contributes and makes the society more unique and open-minded.”

She added, “It is important because it promotes productivity and also helps the young people to be useful in their lives so that the society can progress”.

More so, Peter Angeli a grade 10 student said that anxiety and depression are two reasons why expressing oneself should be important to adolescence because it’s a common health concern and they can express themselves through music, artwork such as paintings and drawings.

Angeli said, “A survey has found that 80% of teenagers diagnosable with anxiety disorder, 60% out of those are depressed [suffered from depression] and have never received treatment. Therefore, self-expression is very important”.

He added, “In school, apart from providing numeracy and literacy skills, schools have the responsibility in helping students to express and discover their talents and interests”.

Meanwhile, Sham Yama, in year 10, when giving the final remarks, appealed to schools saying that they have the responsibilities to provide skills to students in expressing themselves, especially in extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, parents and government should also provide an environment where it can allow their children, students, and youths to freely voice their concerns.

The Chat Room on 15th June will have Marianville Secondary School students speak on the topic ‘Women in Journalism.’

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