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World-Renowned Catholic Evangelist to visit Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby: On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the president of the Catholic Professionals Society of Papua New Guinea announced the visit of Dynamic Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers to Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby for an Evangelization outreach in July.

The world-renowned evangelist will be in Port Moresby for three days, from July 10 to July 14. From the United States of America, Deacon Harold is one of the most sought-after Catholic Public speakers and authors who responded to a call from Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea for an evangelization outreach.

Deacon Harold is known all over the world for his messages about Living the Catholic Faith and promoting and upholding Catholic values, principles, and teachings. His areas of expertise include family life, discerning the will of God, the sacraments, the Church’s vocational choices and how they are lived out, male spirituality, pro-life issues, evangelization, prayer, and many others said Mr Harricknen.

He is also the host of several popular series on EWTN television. He is featured in the ‘Chosen’; a Catholic formation program by Ascension Press and he is also an award-winning author of five books including; Behold the Man, A Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality, and Fr Augustus Toton, the Slave who became the first African American Priest, Mr Harricknen added.

From July 10 to July 14 he will be in Port Moresby to challenge and inspire all Christians on the importance of total submission to living life as Christ lived instead of just believing in the context of being a Christian.

Mr. Harricknen also said, “In this time of chaos in the country with the Justin Tkatchenko issue, it is also nice to have someone like this man of God to be the country in the midst of all these corrupted actions of our government.”

Board Member of the Catholic Professionals Society Ms. Esther Igo encouraged the Catholic youths within the Archdiocese of Port Moresby to attend Deacon Burke-Sivers’ rally and also extended the invitation to young people from other denominations.

“There is so much noise in the world today that is disturbing our peace and distracting our young people, therefore, the rally will help them to rise above the noise in the society and be better equipped Christians to face the ever-increasing secularism and materialism in the world.”

Deacon Harold Burk-Sivers holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and a Master's degree in Theological studies from the University of Dallas.

He co-hosts the weekly broadcast Living Stones on Mater Dei Radio. He appeared in the major feature film Power in my hands and he is also the creator of Walk By Faith Wednesday Webinars, a weekly hour of Catholic catechesis and teachings.

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