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Students and youths within the three Don Bosco institutions over the weekend gathered at Tetere Don Bosco Hall in east Honiara to celebrate the Wantok Bosco day.

The eventwas held for three days which commenced Friday 27th and ended Sunday 29th with the theme ‘Don Bosco youth Holy formed and sent for service’.

It was animated by the Salesian Brothers and Sisters from the three Don Bosco institutions namely Henderson, Gizo and Tetere Don Bosco.

Speaking during the conversation Parish Priest (PP) of Tetere Christ the king and the Rector of Don Bosco Tetere Fr. Robinson Parappilly said, the event is one of the important events for the students, staff and the Salesian Brothers and Sisters of the three brother schools.

“The gathering purposely to unite the Salesian Brothers and Sisters, Students and young people from the three Schools under one roof to share, have fans together and listen to talks that will curve their lives for God.” It is also to allow young people to come together for the prayer formation,” the rector said

He added the event was celebrated annually and last year the similar event was held at Don Bosco Henderson and this year they celebrated the event at Tetere Don Bosco.

The talks were facilitated by the Salesian cooperators from the three Schools which include reason and discernment, the importance of religion in the life of the young person and loving kindness as an attitude of service.

Speaking with a male youth from the Unity Ministry Taloa of Red beach Mr. Victor Pule said indeed the program is significant for youths and himself as a young person.

“The program is very important especially for youths and young people in our communities. “It is good to spend our times listening to talks and Gods words instead of roaming around and involve in unwanted activities that will destroy our connection with God,” he said

He said from the talks he has a clear idea of how he should discipline himself accordingly especially to what he should follow in his personal life. He continued that from the talks he learned a lot by knowing the guide line, how he should discipline himself and how he should behave towards his education.

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