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Students focus on Print Media

Port Moresby: Print Media was the focus of the 2nd Media Education Seminar that had representatives from ten catholic agency schools learning new skills and producing creative content.

With the theme ‘Listen. Do everything with Love,’ the seminar was held on 7th May at the Caritas Business College and hosted by the Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC SOCOM).

Fifty-six students were present for the program that had sessions on news writing, the 5W’s + 1H and school news bulletin boards.

The first session on posters with a message was presented by Isabella Saleu, SOCOM Officer, where the students learnt the basic elements needed for posters. This was followed by an activity that had the students creating posters of events taking place in their schools within a time frame.

An introduction to news writing was then given by Jessica Oata, SOCOM Officer, who focused on identifying news, its importance, criteria, and facts of the news.

The third session continued with the 5W’s and 1H and was presented by Sheryll Isoaimo, a teacher from St Joseph’s International Catholic College. The students then wrote their own articles using the skills learned.

In the final session of the seminar, the school news bulletins was presented by another SOCOM Officer, Abigail Seta. In this session, the students were urged to keep their school bulletin boards updated on a regular basis with information such as written articles, posters and other information relevant to the school. The session concluded with the students producing attractive news bulletins for their media clubs.

Apart from the sessions, the students were involved in prayer moments, interactive games and dances and they also had the opportunity to speak and share their experiences of the program.

According to a student from Caritas Business College, Adelquin Ramute, the seminar has given her skills to put into practice and share what she has learned.

“Media education seminar is really a nice program for the students and teachers. It gives educational lessons for everyone, and they are able to use these skills in school and share it with others,” she stated.

“The main and important thing I like about the seminar is that it got us involved in learning new things educationally and spiritually as well as getting us to interact especially with other schools,” said Hipuche Kaluwin, a student from Marianville Secondary School.

The ten schools participating in the series of seminars are Don Bosco Technological Institute, Don Bosco Technical School, Caritas Business College, La Salle Technical College, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, St Joseph’s International Catholic College, St Charles Lwanga Secondary School, Limana Vocational Centre, Marianville Secondary School and De La Salle Secondary school.

The third Media Education Seminar is set to be held on 4th June and will dwell on audio and video basics.

The Media Education Seminars enable the students and teachers to be critical consumers and creative producers when using the different platforms of the media and encourage them to spread the ‘Good News’ and inspiring messages of hope.

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