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  • Isabella Saleu

Students demonstrate Skills and Knowledge in Science

Port Moresby: As part of their final assessment for the year, the two grade eleven Science classes of Jubilee Catholic Secondary School had their Physics Oral Presentation that demonstrated skills and knowledge in science.

It was held on Thursday 25th November 2021, at the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands and organized by Br. Francist Toliman, a teacher at the school.

The Mini Science Fair had presentations based on a Physics topic that the students in groups chose and researched on. Models were even created to assist in their PowerPoint presentations to give the audience a clear demonstration of their ideas.

According to Head of Department for Math, Mr. Basil Pere, the presentation was one aspect of collecting assessment through a panel made up of experts in the Science fields. From a criterion, they judged the students’ presentations and even posed questions to test the depth of research and understanding of the young people on their chosen topics. The teachers would then use the criteria to grade the students.

“It may have been an opportunity for teachers to collect marks, but it was also an excellent way for the students to challenge themselves and gain more exposure. During past years students were given topics from textbooks. This year they choose their own topics. This allowed them to broaden their knowledge and understanding of not just what is taught in the classroom but also the realities of the practical world and how we can enhance the planet we live in with our innovations and inventions”, he said.

He added that in the past students depended on textbooks for research but today knowledge is at your fingertips through your phones and the students fully utilized that.

Student Louis Henry expressed, “It was a very intense experience to be presenting in a crowd of intelligent people and having them tell you whether you’re right or wrong, so you get to learn from there. I really enjoyed it and it was truly an eye opener.”

Delilah Puroi and Shane Taorong after their presentation shared the same sentiments in saying they had a learning experience as they got to choose topics of their interests and work together as a team to gather information. This made them clearly understand their topics and also gave them the opportunity to come up with practical ways to merge it with our local context using natural resources we have.

Shane further stated that to be leaving school and coming out to a different venue such as CBC gave him a very professional experience and that was a bonus.

Altogether, fifteen groups presented on the topics: Global Warming; Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Sources; The Doppler Effect; Generating Electricity by Hydro Turbines; Wind and Ocean Currents; Generating Electricity using Biomass Energy; AND Logic Gate; Generating Electricity using Geothermal Energy; AC and DC Motor Generators; Generating Electricity using Nuclear Energy; Life Cycle of the Sun and Fusion; Generating Electricity using Wind Energy and Bitcoin as a Currency.

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