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  • Delane Nila Tarut (UPNG Journalism Student

St. Peter Chanel Parish Hosts Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC

St. Peter Chanel Parish, Erima: The Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands sent out Bishops to the different Parishes throughout Port Moresby on April 14, 2024 to take the lead in the liturgical masses. Posted to the Erima St Peter Chanel Parish was Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC of Rabaul Archdiocese.

(His Grace Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC with two altar servers. Picture: Delane Nila Tarut)

A welcoming atmosphere stood out on the arrival of the Archbishop and all the visitors. Graced by the presence of the parishioners, the mass started with a beautiful and melodious choir led by the Basic Christian Community of both New Life Erima Community and ATS as Archbishop Tatamai was led into the church.

Joining him as the con-celebrant was the Parish Priest and bearing witness to the Eucharistic celebration were 2 SVD seminarians who helped with the teaching of the joyful Sunday school children.

During the Archbishop’s homily, he highlighted that on the third Sunday of Easter: “Every day at the altar, we celebrate the passion, pain and death of Jesus.”

Adding that the empty tomb becomes the door to eternal life, not only do we focus on our birthdays but our baptism day because that is when we are born to eternal life.

Parishioner Emmanuella Morea was happy to share that it was an honour to have had the Archbishop celebrate the Eucharistic Mass with the people of the parish.

The parishioners were delighted with such a visit and are now requesting more of such in the future.

The St. Peter Chanel Parish of Erima is one of the longest-serving parishes of the Port Moresby northeast area and is made up of eight BCCs; New Life Erima Community, Erima Christian, ATS, Kingfisher and Crane, Kanage and Saraga, Antioch, Gordons, and Henao.

The church also serves the surrounding schools of the St. Peter Chanel Primary School, Maino Heduru Vocational Centre, and the Christian Teaching Brothers which are located right in the church area.

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