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  • Damien Dimir

Silanga Primary hosts shoe Parade

Photo by Damien Dimir: Students assembled in village groups for National Anthem and Pledge.

KIMBE: Primary School in Central Nakanai LLG of West New Britain Province has staged its shoe Parade on Friday 27th August. Silanga Primary School, a Catholic Agency school was among others who successfully staged its shoe Parade.

The eye-catching event which took place at Silanga Primary School grounds last Friday attracted over hundreds of audiences from nearby schools and villages.

The program begun with the Eucharistic Celebration led by Fr. Anthony at the Paris Chapel attended by students, Teachers parents and stakeholders.

Students were organized into their respective village groups which included Gigolo, Babata, Kotou, Luge, Loa, Gaekeke, Kisiluvi-Lingite and Sabahami village groups to show case their uniforms based on the theme “STANDARDISED UNIFORMS PROMOTES BETTER EDUCATION”.

Students assembled in their village groups for National Anthem and Pledge led by the school head girl, Miss Juliachim Saroa.

The audience were kept on their feet’s when students came in their village groups presenting their astounding marching patterns in the arena. The creativity and fascinating performances from the students kept the atmosphere alive and active in the 120 minutes presentation period.

Judges came in from nearby schools including Salesege, Uasilau and Kae Primary Schools.

Mr. Pilato, judge selected from Uasilau Primary School expressed satisfaction over the event saying that all schools around CENAKA LLG should take heed of this event and take it on board to promote better and quality education.

Outstanding project Fees was a highlight of the day which students presented to the school after performing their patterns. Treasurer of the Board of Management Mr.Billy Una assured the parents and guardians of students that reports will be presented in parents and citizen (P &C ) and board meetings as soon as we finalize everything.

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