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  • Damien Dimir

Sarang Village welcomes Archbishop of Madang

North Coast Road, Madang: Sarang Village in the North Coast Road of Madang Province was delighted to host a small but significant event on Sunday 8th August, when the Archbishop of the Madang Archdiocese, Rev Anthon Bal, visited the village.

Accompanying the archbishop were priests from various parishes in the diocese. Priests from Saint Paul's Mirap, Tangu, Kwanga, Saidor, Bundi, Utu, Aringon, Brahaman, Bogia, Banara, Alopha and Alexisafen Parishes. Amongst them were several parish priests.

The group had travelled to Sarang village to wind down and relax after an intense one week of retreat that was held in the Diocese. The retreat was facilitated by the Archbishop.

Upon arrival, the archbishop and priests were given a traditional welcome by a traditional sing-sing group leading them to a prepared make shift shelter at the famous Salig Beach front. Mr. Yari Finu, chairman of the local church St. Therese then invited the delegates to refreshments.

Vice chairman for the Sarang Village Leaders’ panel, Mr. Trevor Suag, on behalf of the community thanked the Archbishop and the visiting priests for choosing Sarang as their concluding destination for their week-long retreat.

The final destination of the concluding journey ended on the beautiful atolls off shore Sarang, to which they all delighted themselves in a boat ride and canoeing.

“Sarang Islands are truly a hidden paradise. You have prepared well and have done well in receiving us into your community. I am truly at peace and blessed to spend time with you here, and I hope the priests would express a similar sentiment”, expressed Abp. Bal in his final address to the villagers.

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