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RR Formative Workshop for Nazareth Sisters

A weeklong Right Relationships Formative Workshop was conducted for the CSN Sisters from 9th – 13th May 2022 at Nazareth Center for Rehabilitation, Chabai, Buka, Bougainville.

There were 18 participants made up of 15 sisters and 3 young girls who are in their formation program. It was facilitated by Sr Ancy John SCSA, the directress of Right Relationship in Ministry.

This Formative Program is designed for the young candidates and religious sisters who are still in their religious formation program. The objective of the workshop is to give them some kind of awareness to prevent themselves from any form of abuses particularly in their ministry as they will be send out to work with different groups of people.

The topics covered for the workshop were: Boundaries and importance of boundaries in life, Boundaries for healthy relationships, Relationships / Healthy and unhealthy relationships / mending broken relationships, Rights and values in relationships, Human Sexuality and celibacy, Ministerial relationships / Appropriate and inappropriate behaviours in ministry and Guidelines for ministerial relationships.

The topics were presented with using different methods like PowerPoint presentations, group discussions and group work, dramas and role plays, questions and clarifications, sharing and reflections and praying with our relationships.

Almost all the participants expressed that it was the first time they heard about boundaries and relationships and how important it is in the personal and community growth.

Some of them expressed that it was very challenging because it requires personal changes in attitudes, behaviours and visions in life.

The participants come to a point of realisation that the boundaries are essential for a healthy relationship, whether it be personal, communal or ministerial.

What touches me the most in my sharing was “guidelines for maintaining ministerial boundaries,” said Sr Angelyne Nanis.

The culmination of the workshop was with the closing remarks from Sr. Bernadette Masinai CSN, the General Superior of the CSN Sisters and distribution of the certificate of participation.

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