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  • Sr. Agnes Eugene, ond, Youth Animator, Port Moresby 

Port Moresby youth celebrate Mini World Youth Day

Morata: The youths in the Archdiocese of Port Moresby celebrated a four-day program of the Archdiocesan World Youth Day at St. Martin De Porres Parish, Morata from the 24th – 27th of November 2022.

This is a third big event that brought the youths together in the Archdiocese. There were around 140 youths who participated in this activity. The programme facilitated the four areas of formation for the young people.

Invited speakers presented on the different topics on Social Media, Synodal Church, Call to Holiness, Salt and Light, Mental Health issues and Christus Vivit. On Saturday, the venue was colourful with the presence of the different religious congregations of sisters, brothers, seminarians and priests who came and shared the stories of their lives and mission. There was also a speaker, Ms Joanne Ewa, who spoke on vocation to single blessedness, whose single holy life inspired many youths as well.

The youths were very grateful and appreciative of the time and effort of the different speakers and religious groups who came and shared their knowledge and information’s to the young people on the issues affecting their lives today. They also appreciate the time to pray together, to reflect and to go for confession and receive Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Many youths in this gathering were new, yet they came out so passionate in actively participating in the different activities. They found new friends, they built a new family and they blended so well with one another.

Where there are young people, there is always something new to learn from them and to give to them. To appreciate their uniqueness and to crystalize their experiences into something more than just as it used to be. Being with the young in a ministry like this is a joy and a call to SERVE in a more radical and creative way that concentrates on the wholesome growth of the young people and providing venues where these young beautiful people themselves can step into their own arena and celebrate their gift of being young.

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