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Parish Observes Catholic Teachers Day

Kimbe, West New Britain: The Catholic Teachers Day was observed by the parishioners of the Holy Family Mai Parish, teachers, students and stakeholders of Mai Primary school on Friday 14th May, 2021.

Although the Catholic Teachers Day actually falls on May 15, 2021, the day was commemorated a day early.

The celebrations started with mass in the morning with Fr Francis Tilo msc as the main celebrant.

Father Tilo mainly emphasized to the teachers about their teaching ministry, stressing that teachers must not be overcome by the challenges encountered during their teaching ministry but instead, they should use their Catholic Faith to overcome these challenges to inspire those around them.

He further stated that teaching is not only the job of a teacher and called on to the parents to be the first teachers in their homes.

The celebrations concluded with the presentations of gifts to the teachers by their students followed by refreshments.

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