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New Zealand Priest thanks Solomon Islands

Port Moresby: Following his ordination into priesthood on 9th October 2021, New Zealand Marist, Fr Hayden Powick SM, has given a special and sincere acknowledgement to the nation of Solomon Islands for helping him discover his calling from the Lord.

The confirmation was made by Archbishop of Honiara, Christopher Cardone OP, after a special correspondence of his with the newly ordained Priest.

Abp Cardone said he was overwhelmed by the sentiments expressed by Fr Powick, and believed Fr Powick would make a significant contribution to society in his works as a bearer of the Word of God. “I wrote an email of congratulations to him and he happily mentioned that he 'received his call from the Lord' during his time in Solomon Islands as a volunteer. He was a very fine young man at the time and I am sure he will be a great priest. Very nice to know that Don Bosco Technological Institute and Solomon Islands made a profound impact on him and his vocation,” he added.

Welcoming the prospect of volunteers and priests intending to travel and carry out missionary works in the Solomon Islands, the Archbishop reaffirmed that 2022 would surely have the engagement of more local priests. “Interestingly we have also had 2 USA volunteers who recently joined the Dominicans too after their time here. In SI we are pretty blessed with a very good number of local priests who are doing a very fine job. Next year at HNMS we will have 7 local priests teaching and all with Masters or STL degrees,” he stated.

Priests and volunteers will include Fr. Lawrence Samani, Masters in Dogmatic Theology from USA Dominican University, Providence; Fr. Michael Toisuta, Masters in Scripture from USA Dominican University, Providence; Fr. Manscent Kava, STL in Spirituality from Angelicum in Roma; Fr. Pio To'omae, Masters in Pastoral Counselling from New York Jesuit University Fordham; Fr. and Dr. James Ereai, STL in Moral Theology and Medical Ethics from the Alphonsianium Roma; Fr. Nickson Sadetum, STL in Patristics Church History from the Gregorianium Roma; and Fr. Peter Chele who is soon to complete his JCL Canon Law from the Angelicum Roma. Two local priests are also set to leave for Rome in 2022 to take up studies in Philosophy and Liturgy, respectively, Fr. Selerino Diau and Fr. Joseph Tsomate.

Abp Cardone said “In addition to their Seminary duties they are extremely active in all youth programs animating and giving retreats. These guys have also been our Retreat Masters for both our Sister and Priest's Retreat. I have been blessed to have some good men to send for studies and I feel this is very important for the development of the Church.”

Since returning from the United States of America on 12th November 2021, Abp Cardone, has been held in a 14-day quarantine zone at the Pacific Casino, and will be released on 26th November.

According to Abp Cardone, his first big mass will be on Saturday 27th November, at the Holy Cross Cathedral, for the Closing Mass of the one-week celebration of the Legion of Mary.

He thanked everyone for their prayers during his stay away, and made a special acknowledgement to Sr Nancy for arranging the flights.

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