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Mothers celebrate Solemnity of the Assumption

CATHOLIC Mothers around Solomon Islands over the weekend celebrated the Solemnity of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus.

On Thursday more than 2000 catholic mothers from Tangarare Parish, Russle, Savo and Visale Parish camped at Visale Catholic Parish to start their weekend celebration that ended on Sunday 15th August 2021, the actual day of the feast day of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

During an interview with the archdiocese women desk officer Ms. Sarah on Sunday 15th, said that this event is a celebration for the catholic woman and mothers from around the Globe.

However, the 3 Catholic dioceses of Solomon Islands decided to hold the Women’s gathering in a deanery level.

She said that this year was supposed to be a huge gathering which would include all other 13 parishes under the Archdiocese of Honiara to gather for this celebration, however, due to COVID19 pandemic, the program has been postponed and allowed only gathering under deanery level.

According to one of the mothers from Visale Parish during an interview, said there were spiritual recollections given by priests and talks from the priests.

Based on what Assumption is and also on patience and humility.

Fr. Mark Misiwasi touched on Humility and patience where being a mother is challenging but it takes a woman with great patience and a prayerful heart to be humble like the blessed mother herself.

The Holy Mass was led by Fr. Julian, Parish Priest of Tangarare Parish with beautiful singing from the mothers gathered.

Fr. Julian, explained during his Homily said “Assumption refers to a mystery of the blessed Virgin Mary being assumed both body and soul into heaven when she died because her body was not found at the end of her earthly life, therefore, the assumption is a Holy Day of Obligation, and that is all catholic are obligated to attend Mass on that day”, he explained.

To be like Mother Mary, who had accepted her Son Jesus Christ to die for our sin is strength, courage and acceptance, therefore, catholic mothers who gather here to show our love and affection for Our Blessed Mother and by doing so we bring glory to her Son.

The program which began with a parade on Thursday, continued with talks from priests, Fr. Iuvans, Fr. Ben and Fr. Mark Misiwasi and ended with closing Mass, parade, feasting and entertainment.

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