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  • Abigail Seta

Missionary Sister farewelled by PMGH chaplains

Port Moresby: In a heartwarming ceremony on Friday, 24th November 2023, Sr Mary McCarty PVBM was farewelled by the chaplains of Port Moresby General Hospital as her missionary work to PNG concludes.

Sr Mary has been working as a missionary in the hospital since 1993 and has done tremendous work with the chaplains and patients admitted in each ward.

The farewell program saw the chaplains gifting Sr Mary with flowers and a PNG painting

from Simbu as well as the presentation of songs being sung soulfully.

Coordinator of the PMGH Chaplains, Mr James Temop, reflected on the work that Sr Mary

has done, describing her as an asset to the chaplainship.

“Sr Mary has been an asset to us. Over the years, she has served the chaplains and has

given a lot in training and upskilling of chaplains. When there are new chaplains that come in, she’s always there to teach, train and help them. She sees the need areas and comes in to help with that,” he said.

He added that she has played a significant role working with the chaplains and to pastoral

care in the country.

Reflecting on her experiences, Sr Mary shared that she has gained enormously from her

work in the ministry and has worn many hats working as a teacher, librarian and even

assisting with the delivery of a baby.

“The patients have been the focus. Just listening to their stories, responding with words of

encouragement, showing that you really listened and heard their story and praying with

them. The scripture has something to say to everybody at a certain time. It’s a matter of

echoing,” she stated.

Despite the challenges, Sr Mary has stood by the motto ‘your feet know the way, your heart

carry’s the light’ which has brought her through many experiences that have turned out for

the good.

Summing up her experiences, she stated: “Wherever I went, there have been so many

wonderful companions on the journey and wherever I went, there would be friendships.

They’re in seed and they would grow, and I’ve harvested from those friendships.”

Sr Mary has been doing pastoral work at the Port Moresby General Hospital even before the

establishment of the chaplain’s office and working with other churches to spread the Word of God.

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