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  • Moses Ben, CDM Communications

Mendi marks International World Sorcery Day

Mendi: The Catholic Christians in the Mendi Diocese of Southern Highlands and members of other churches joined in the peaceful march to mark the 2nd International World Sorcery and Witchcraft Accusations Violence Day on 10th August 2021, at Momei Oval.

The peaceful and Awareness march was led by Kumin Community Health Workers Training School, (CHWS), Christian from the other church, youths, Clergyman, (old/young), religious sister and the Seminarians joined the group, chanted with placards not to kill innocent mothers, sister, crying for justice for young girls and Respect our mothers, sisters.

Bishop Donald Lippert OFM Cap, Bishop of Mendi Diocese and Hela, said" the doctors so called glassman and bamboo man we hired, they make business out of these false accusations by pointing fingers to destroys the dignity and identify of our poor mothers and girls, (old/young) in society".

This is totally the act of Satan, this must be stopped, we are Christian and we must follow the way Jesus taught us in scripture.

It is not the way Christ has taught us to follow and Papua New Guinea is a Christian country and why we are believing in these Sanguma accusations, causing violence and abuse to our innocent mothers and girls in our country, he said".

The peaceful march ended on a high note with dramas and songs performed by Kumin Community Health Workers Training School students.

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