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Holy Trinity Parish Feast Day brings affirmation

Holy Trinity Parish, Boregaina: The Holy Trinity Parish successfully celebrated the feast of the Holy Trinity, along with the sacrament of confirmation for 85 candidates on Sunday May 26th, 2024 after sleepless nights of cleaning the parish, organizing the liturgy, processions and undergoing trainings as part of the program leading up to the big event.


(Smiling faces of some of the seminarians from the Catholic Theological Institute, a few youth with Fr Arockia Samy Novil Alex MMI and Fr Cleetus Vargheese MMI)

The two-day event started on Saturday and ended on Sunday and had people traveling into the parish from neighbouring villages and Port Moresby.


The Saturday activities had sessions conducted by the Pastoral Team of the Port Moresby Archdiocese and ended with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3:00pm before a special Eucharistic Celebration that had 4 candidates receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion followed by the renewal of vows and commitment for the Catechises.


The Holy Eucharist Celebration on Sunday was presided by main celebrant Reverend Fr Bruce Kupi, Pastoral Vicar of the Archdiocese of POM,and con-celebrants, Fr Alex Balasamy MMI, Holy Trinity parish priest and assistant parish priest Fr Arockia Samy Novil Alex MMI and Fr Cleetus Vargheese MMI from St Stephen Cape Rodney parish.


The angelic choir led by Seminarians from the Catholic Theological Institute, Bomana and the lively processions led by the youth added a special touch to the auspicious occasion.


After the mass, the parish priest, Fr. Alex Balasamy MMI, commended the people from the 4 areas of Taboro, Kubuimemeka , Dorom Koki and Tubulamo for their commitment towards the feast day.


“A lot of you travelled by foot for more than 2 to 3 hours…to celebrate and witness the confirmation of our candidates, and that shows your commitment and effort into making this program a success and the man above gets all the glory.”


Fr. Alex also highlighted that the Saturday activities were for spiritual awakening conducted to develop and strengthen in one's faith.


The youth president of the Holy Trinity Parish, Brandon Rukina shared the same sentiments as Fr Alex saying the program was spiritual, educational, and encouraging.


“The program is spiritual, because the awareness and activities conducted developed strength in one's faith and education because new concepts were presented during the session by the Archdiocese Pastoral Team. This has educated and encouraged the parishioners to live the Catholic Faith through participation and communion for the mission of Jesus Christ as our strength”.


Rukina also commended Fr Alex Balasamy for allowing Fr Cleetus to speak about apologetics to strengthen the Catholic faithful to be firm in their Catholic Faith and Identity.


The presentation of Fr. Cleetus highlighted the main critiques to be: the difference in worshiping days; the Churches history; and which church is the true church.


“The Catholic Church has stood against the test of time for over two thousand years. The church still stands today so let us not be distracted by the perception others have towards the Catholic Church. Let us all continue to live our faith with confidence and defend it because our Church is One, Holy and Apostolic,” explained Fr Cleetus.


Mrs Christine Tsuga who is part of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Animators team and volunteer Secretary for Chaplaincy at the Catholic Bishops Conference shared that she was so touched by the turnout of the Catholic Faithful in the Parish, especially the youth.


“It is always heart-warming to see a big crowd in such gatherings because it shows the faith of the people, especially when they have to walk for hours and set up camps. You know the church is alive when you see the young people actively taking part in these gatherings”.

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