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  • Leotina Akwai

Holy Cross Sunday School Children Find Healing and Hope in Trauma Session

On Saturday, the 2nd of March 2024, Holy Cross Cathedral witnessed a remarkable event as children aged 8 to 13 from the Sunday School program gathered for a special trauma healing session following the opening mass of the Sunday school year. The session, held at the Holy Cross Stage, aimed to address the emotional wounds of children who feel neglected in their homes.

(Picture: Holy Cross Sunday School children gather after a transformative trauma healing session, reaffirming their importance and connection to God's love.)

Led by Sunday School Coordinator Mrs. Lilian Kwa’nairara, assisted by dedicated Holy Cross Sunday School teachers, the session explored into the theme "I Am Important." Through powerful stories, the children were guided to understand their significance in the eyes of God and society.


The first story narrated the modern-day experiences of Shammy and Rose, children who felt neglected by their parents. The second story drew from the Book of Genesis, emphasizing how God created humankind in His image, imbuing each individual with inherent importance and purpose.


Vitalyn Risimora, a Sunday school student, said, "From the two trauma healing sessions, I realize and I feel God is with me, and I am a child of God. I will go home and talk to my parents that I am important to God."


Mrs. Lilian Kwa’nairara, reflecting on the session, highlighted the concerning trend of children feeling ignored in society. She stressed the need for children to have the freedom to express themselves, receive education, and pursue their aspirations.


Mrs. Lilian announced plans to invite parents and guardians for a trauma healing session next month, recognizing the vital role families play in nurturing the emotional well-being of children.


The initiative undertaken by Holy Cross Cathedral reflects a collective effort to address the emotional needs of children, emphasizing their significance and fostering a supportive environment within the community.

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