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  • Nigel Akuani

Go forth with the Good News of JESUS CHRIST

Enrich the Unreachable with the Gospel

Mingende, Simbu Province: “Be their salt and light. Go forth and share the good news of Jesus Christ to parts of the country and world not yet reached,” said Auxiliary Bishop of Wabag, Justin Ain Soongie, in his homily during the second Eucharistic Celebration of the 3RD General Assembly in Mingende.

The Mass was held on Saturday 23rd April 2022, in the St Joseph’s Parish, and had as its main celebrant Bishop Paul Sundu of the Diocese of Kundiawa, and concelebrating the occasion were Bishops Justin Soongie; and Bishop of Mendi, Donald Lippert OFM Cap. Also partaking in the celebration were fellow Bishops, Priests, Religious, Laity, Parishioners of men, women and children, and Catholic Communications personnel.

In his introduction, Bp Sundu explained the responsibility of the apostles in spreading the Gospel 2000-years ago, and urged faithful gathered that it was now their turn to carry forth with the Word of God. “During the Apostles’ times, the Christian Church was young, but guided by the presence of the Holy Spirit, the good news endured the test of time. The Church then, is the same today here in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands that has always been guided by the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Bp Soongie’s homily reflected on the significant life lived by Jesus and reminded faithful to carry forth his legacy in sharing the Gospel to the far corners of the globe. “Jesus brought the good news and in his efforts of spreading it, it was not easy because he was confronted with much oppression. But what we need to always remember is that he never gave up on his mission,” he said.

He added, “Today’s world is faced with an evil like no other before. Truth is no longer as it is, because it has been compromised and distorted to the advantage of few at the expense of the common good intended for all. Jesus already set the standard required of us, and it is our moral obligation to go forth in spreading the good news no matter the circumstance.”

Bp Soongie told of the women who discovered Jesus burial tomb empty with his body nowhere in sight, and how they were elated by his resurrection and quick in sharing this news. “The women realized that Jesus was now alive, and they made it their task of finding him. Many went forth to share the good news of Jesus resurrection. Now more than ever, people need to know the gospel and play their part in spreading it,” he stated.

“We should not give up, and we must always be constantly reminded that Jesus never gave up his mission and neither should we. Persistence is needed in carrying forward the Word, in evangelization and engaging youths and adults,” he added.

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