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  • Dony Daniel Lakan

Give Your Best when Preaching the Good News

Wabag: "Do your best and give your best to the people when you go out to preach the Good News" was the message of Bishop of Wabag, Arnold Orowae, during the graduation of ten disciples from the Par Pastoral Center in the Diocese.

The event held on Thursday 4th March, saw the graduates attain Certificates in Disciple Courses after completion of their three-year training. The men of different ages came from the three parishes of Pogera Mugulap, Kasap and Landor.

Fr. Elias Aiyako SVD emphasised the Bishop’s homily and urged the graduates to be the best among the flock. The liturgy was led by the Mungulap Parish Youths who came all the way from Porgera. Five disciples of the graduates come from Mugulap.

The joy filled youths made the day colourful with dedication songs and processions. The day ended with light refreshments prepared by the friends and relatives of the graduates.

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