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First FSM Convent Opened in Diocese of Wabag

Mendi: After three years of humbled and dedicated service, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary in the Diocese of Wabag, have finally been given a duplex convent.

The opening of the new convent on 17th October 2020, was a historical event and was dedicated to Saint Clare the founder of the Congregation. Bishop of Wabag, Arnold Orowae STL, was the main celebrant and con-celebrating the occasion were diocesan and parish priests from Wabag and Mendi; Religious and Christians from the neighbouring communities.

The erection of the new building served as a formal recognition by the Sari Parish Board and the Diocese of Wabag for the congregation’s service in the diocese. It currently has three FSM Sisters as its caretakers.

Since the initiation of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary in 1979 in the Diocese of Mendi, the congregation was limited to Southern Highland and Hela Provinces. However, the Congregation made a breakthrough for the first time and extended their mission outside of the province in 2017, settling in the Sari Holy Family Parish of the Diocese of Wabag. They housed themselves in the ground floor of the Parish guest house.

Sari Parish is a historical ground where the first missionaries came to settle in 1947, without the proper establishment of a convent and other essential services.

God has finally recognized the hard labour of the Christians of Sari Parish and blessed them with the Franciscan Sisters of Mary.

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