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Evangelize using different social media platforms

Hahela, Bougainville: An intense and challenging Social Communications Media Seminar was held from July 18th -21st, 2022 at the Hahela Youth Centre Hall for priests, nuns, and lay persons. It had the theme: Listen. Do everything with love. 32 participants were present for the seminar, among whom were 29 priests 2 religious nuns and a lay person.

The Social Communications Media Seminar was aimed at helping the participants reflect on social media and equip them with basic writing skills to enable them write inspiring articles of events happening in their parishes and within the diocese. The sessions were reflective and practical and opened up avenues for using media for networking, communication, and evangelization. Short films about global and issues in the society were screened for in the evenings.

The Seminar was facilitated by the Secretary of the Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb. He dwelt on the spirituality of communications and the theology of communications. “We need to move away from the old idea of an equipment, gadgets and devices to one of communication, networking and inspiration”, he said.

Practical sessions on writing of articles and layouts of newsletters were taken by Jessica Oata. The participants appreciated the practical sessions as it has given them possible ideas for newsletters for their parish and deanery.

The first day of the seminar gave the participants an insight to the role of social communications in the society and the basics of writing news articles followed by practical assignments. Elements of newsletters and Social Media Ethics were the topics covered during the second day of the seminar with practical activities involving creating news bulletin boards for the parishes. “The session which I liked most was the elements of newsletters and the layout and design”, said Fr. Basil Sango. The third day of the seminar enabled the participants appreciate the Theology of Communication.

“As priests, animators, and lay persons we need to look at new ways to evangelize and deliver the gospel to our people. Spirituality, connection with the environment and faith sharing are aspects where Social Communications plays an important part. There is the need to revive the Social Communications sector and network with different groups of people, especially the young”, said Fr. Polycarp Kaviak, Vicar General of the Diocese.

“The participants were engaged in reflection and discussion on the power of social media. They realized the need use media for networking and communication, which in turn gives a voice to the voiceless. It is my hope that, this communication will bring about policy change at the level of government”, said Fr Ambrose.

The participants also participated in the State Funeral Mass of the Member for North Bougainville Open Electorate Late Honourable William Nakin.

32 participants were present at the seminar, 29 priests 2 religious nuns and a lay person.

Comments from participants:

“The things that I liked most about the program is that I learned more aspects of social media especially the importance of imparting the information to the people in newsletters and films”. – Fr. Wilbert Apunu

“What I liked about the program is that it reminds me and encourages me to use my social communications skills to the best of my ability as well as other means of communication”. – Fr. Louis Lobosi

“The short films for captured social issues. This can be used to discuss how it affects us and what are the ways to combat and address pressing issues of concern”. – Fr. Abel Willy

“What I liked most about the program was that the presentations were very clear in the simplest form and very understandable. It provoked more discussion which led us to understand the topics”. – Sr. Patricia Hito


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