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Evangelist touches hearts in Aitape during rally

Aitape: The Diocese of Aitape concluded a 9-week rally focusing on Missionary Evangelization that took place from April 28th – June 2nd.

The crowd in one of the rally venues listening to Mr Emmanuel Marop

The rally attracted more than three thousand people from different denominations from east and west, inland, coastal and islands actively take part and was led by Mr Emmanuel Morop


With the theme: Tok bilong God i strongim bilip bilong yumi ol man meri long kamap Sol na Lait bilong Krais, the rally had two intentions;

1.     The need for priests and religious vocation in the Diocese.

2.     To promote values of self-sustaining, self-supporting and self-administering


Three parishes in far west Aitape under the supervision of Fr Patrick Possani that were congratulated for their outstanding demonstration of self-reliance were Holy Cross Parish Sacred Heart Parish and Blessed John Mazzucconi Parish.


The rally covered the following topics on apologetics in the Catholic Church:

1.     The history of the Church

2.     Baptism and Confession

3.     Idle Worship

4.     Mariology


Many who attended the rallies shared similar sentiments of being inspired and spoke of how great and influential he was.


Mr Emmanuel Marop, his wife and the Mystical Ministry went around preaching in various places of the diocese accompanied by priests for the Catholic faithful to receive the sacrament of reconciliation before taking part in the Holy Eucharist.


The rallies concluded with a huge celebration of the Holy Eucharist led by Fr Nobert Anzac ofm (Dean of Aitape Deanery) and his assistant Fr Anicet Herifetra CSSP with Br Michael.


Mr Marop is a devout Catholic from the Diocese of Wewak who has been visiting other Dioceses in his evangelizing ministry to encourage the Catholic faithful to hold onto their Catholic faith and identity.

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