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  • Willie Kessi Junior, Don Bosco Araimiri

Embracing Culture, the Bosconian Way

Araimiri: Don Bosco Araimiri Secondary School, Gulf province celebrated 206 birthday of Don Bosco, the patron saint of the young. Embracing Culture, the Bosconian Way, was the theme of the celebration that commenced on the 12th August, 2021. It was a time of joy and happiness for all who participated in the event.

The three-day celebration commenced with a talent show that gave an opportunity for the students to present their talents. The second day saw students in a sea of red, blue, green and yellow sports t-shirts. They battled it out in ball games as well as fun games. Panting for breath, they fought to take home victory for their house, promoting the ‘Run, jump, make noise but do not sin’ something that St. John Bosco taught his boys 200 years ago in Turin. Following the sports day, we saw students participating in a quiz competition where the class representatives participated well in questions on their knowledge on the life of John Bosco. The programs were organized by teachers Mr Thomas, Mr Maneva and Noah, a Salesian Aspirant.

On the 16th August, the feast day Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr Pankaj Xalxo sdb, Rector and Fr Joseph Than sdb, parish priest of Herehere. The liturgy and the melodious choir were prepared by Br Conrad Vamilat sdb and Noah. Lively entrance, offertory and recessional dances were led by students of the East and West of Kerema.

In his homily, Fr Pankaj urged the congregation to recognize the presence of Don Bosco. Araimiri was the first place where the salesian missionaries implanted the salesian charism on Melanesian soil. He encouraged the students to be true followers of Don Bosco, by being humble and imitating his virtues. “If we neglect the love of God, we will commit sin. Heaven is promised to us if we pray well, play well and work well’’ he said.

A mini cultural show then followed. Traditional dances & skits from the different Gulf clusters depicting myths of Tairuma, Ihu, Baimuru, East Kerema and others were presented.

Present at the ceremony were important guests - Kikori District Open Member Honorable Soroi Marepo Eoe, Gulf Catholic Education Secretary Mr Beno Karilus, and Kana Construction Directing Manager. The Keynote speaker, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Member for Kikori District Honorable Soroi Marepo Eoe praised Don Bosco for the education imparted to the students. He emphasized a healthy lifestyle and proper living conditions comes through hard work and a good education.

‘’Don Bosco Araimiri is a home for us all’,” said Marcellino Kessi, a grade 11 student who appreciated the atmosphere of joy and happiness. ‘’I have moved to Don Bosco Araimiri and have found true joy. The games, the prayers all depicted the family spirit of living together as a family which surely guaranteed me that I will live as Bosconian forever,’’ he concluded.

The day concluded with a delicious chicken soup dinner.

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