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Diocesan seminar for parish representatives

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Alotau: 27 representatives from the parishes in the Diocese of Alotau were a part of a week-long seminar that focused on Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Prayer Leaders, Lectors, Animators and Parish Animators Team (PATs).

It was held at St Paul's Pastoral Centre (SPPC) at Hagita from 22nd February to 2nd March, 2022 with the aim to form and commission the representatives to take up the responsibilities in their communities of the parish.

The seminar was organized by Sr. Betty (SPPC Coordinator) and Fr. Joe Ensing. It was facilitated by Sr. Betty, Rev. Japhet Kemali and Rev. Thaddeus B'Gaiva with a helping hand by Mr. Jeffery Benoma.

It was a fruitful seminar conducted by the facilitators in which every participant was able to share their joy of how important each ministry will shape the parishioners when taught what they have learnt.

Sr. Betty shared her joy of the active participation of the participants during the seminar.

Rev. Japhet Kemali also stressed on the importance of the responsibilities of each ministry taken at the end of the seminar.

"It is an enrichment of the faith in our parishes, communities and families," Rev. Thaddeus added.

His Lordship, Bishop Rolando Santos, CM was grateful when preaching to the participants at the end of the seminar and emphasized on the care and responsibility to be given to the ministry.

Bp Rolando concluded the seminar with a meaningful Eucharistic Celebration observing the Ash Wednesday Day and the beginning of the Lenten Season as well as commissioning the representatives to go out to do the mission of Christ.

Comments from participants:

"The seminar was very good that gave me a strong understanding to embrace my ministry as an Extra Ordinary Communion Minister," said John Bosco, Bolubolu Parish

"As a prayer leader, I feel obliged to continue the mission of Christ to my brothers and sisters," said Graham Paul, Ealeba Parish.

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