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Celebrating 50 years of Faith and Community at St Charles Lwanga Parish, Gerehu

In a joyous and momentous occasion, St Charles Lwanga Parish will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee, commemorating 50 years of faith, community and service to the local congregation at Gerehu in Port Moresby on the 8th of June 2024.

(An aerial view of the parish grounds. Picture supplied)

The milestone event will bring together parishioners, clergy, and members of the community to reflect on the rich history and legacy of the parish since 1974.

The Golden Jubilee celebration will begin with a special Mass presided over by Cardinal John Ribat MSC and his brother priests of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Congregation.

Since its inception, the first priest was Fr Kevin Murphy MSC, celebrating first mass in February 1974 at Gerehu Community School as it was known that time. There were five families who were initial members that started.

Since then, a total of about 60 priests have passed through the parish, serving in various capacities as Parish Priests, assisting priests and visiting priests. Currently, the total number of parishioners is estimated at 2000. A total of 4880 parishioners have been baptized since 1974.

The celebration coincides with the feast of our patron saint, Saint Charles Lwanga of Uganda, celebrated on 3rd June. Charles, was part of a catholic youth group who were martyred in the year 1886 for their Christian faith.

On Saturday 8th June, 2024 parishioners will participate in various traditional song and dance, choir and drama, showcasing the parish journey over the past five decades.

Looking towards the future, the Parish remains committed to serving its community, spreading the message of love and compassion, and nurturing the faith of its members for generations to come. The Golden Jubilee celebration is not only a time for reflection and gratitude but also a celebration of the bright future that lies ahead for the church and Christian faith.

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