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  • Mathew Timbalu (Theology One – Port Moresby Archdiocese)


Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Port Moresby: On the 7th of July 2021, Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands was commemorating the martyrdom of Blessed Peter ToRot. Catholic Theological Institute-Bomana came alive with the reception of a Blessed Peter ToRot statue, which was donated as a token of an appreciation from Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare’s family for CTI’s participation during the State Funeral Mass.

The ceremony was simple but solemn and well-integrated. The statue processed with a white and blue choir and statute bearers who were rhythmically accompanied by the reddish eye-catching Tolai dancers who put up a moving atmosphere of prayerful melodies in the presence of the entire faculty, staff, students, families and friends. Indeed, we were deeply moved in humble veneration while the Blessed Peter ToRot statue was erected adjacent to the entrance of the Catholic Theological Institute library and hall.

Fr. Gregory Ruamana MSC, the Rector of the MSC College led the prayers and rituals which were well-integrated with the scriptural readings and intercessory prayers centered around the occasion itself. Fr. Gregory further stressed that Blessed Peter To Rot’s courageous martyrdom reminds us of three key faith-enriching elements: Faith, Family and Martyrdom. These three things gave him sufficient strength to stand fearlessly and faithfully even when given the choice of death or denying the faith.

He found much strength in the Eucharist and the Word from the Sacred Scripture. We are also being encouraged to imitate the exemplary role model of our own Melanesian Saint who has demonstrated the baptismal vow and authentic Christian faith even in the most difficult circumstances. Through his intercession we can also share the same Eucharistic zeal and inspiration so that we can courageously embrace our priestly and lay vocation until our last breath, Amen.

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