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Catholic Diocese of Gizo Complete 2 Seminars

Gizo Western Province - The Catholic Diocese of Gizo is coming up with its program on the Media and the Hey Mum and Dad Program for the year 2021.

And on the weekend 16th to 18th this month of July the diocese runs the Media and the Hey Mum seminar here in St. Peters parish Gizo.

Participants were youths and the mothers from Gizo, Noro, and Wagina parish where they have their activities in two separate venues.

The Hey Mum seminar was facilitated by Sr. Rita Pitavavine OP and Mr. Jerome Kuibatu from the pastoral office. While for the Media was facilitated by Rellysdom a Malakana from the media diocese of Gizo.

The Media and the Hey Mum programs were ongoing programs for the diocese for the past 10 years. Especially the Hey Mum which was designed to run for 8 sessions. And the media sessions were flexible.

Participants for these seminars were put in groups; this is for group discussions and presentations.

For Hey Mum, brainstorming is one process that was used during sessions; a process used for “Difficult issues” and other discussions during their sessions.

The Hey Mum program is also recommended to affected mothers who currently have a particular problem with their children. While the Media was purposely to train youths to be part of media activities for the diocese.

37 participants (9 from the Media, 28 from the Hey Mum) have completed their training on the Sunday after Thanksgiving Mass with certificate presentations.

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