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Bp Rozario Menezes signs MOA with UNITECH

The Memorandum of Agreement with the Catholic Diocese of Lae, in the person of Bishop Rozario Menezes SMM and the University of Technology (UNITECH), in the person of Dr Ora Renagi the Vice Chancellor, was signed today. His Eminence Sir John Cardinal Ribat was the witness at the signing of this agreement.

The agreement between Lae Diocese and the University seeks to promote Catholic faith and ethics among the Catholic students at the University. Both Cardinal Ribat and Bp Rozario emphasized the need for faith and spiritual formation in all learning institutions in our country PNG.

The Catholic Church believes that education without faith is not good education. She believes and teaches that education should go beyond intellectual acquisition and focus on the formation of the entire person for social benefit. In Her teachings, Mother Church knows that reason and faith cannot be separated for the greater good of humanity. Bp Rozario therefore emphasized today with even greater conviction this fact. He has observed how some of the university graduates behave in our society today, “one who grows to learn with faith in God shall succeed" said the Bishop.

After the signing of the Memorandum, Bp Rozario and Cardinal Ribat visited the hostel of Catholic students at the University and spent a few minutes in prayer for them in their chapel.

Present at the signing was the Vicar General Fr. Roland Matoyi CMM, the University chaplain Fr. Nicholas Radei, Radio Director Fr. Brian Nonde and the team, the faith leaders as well as lecturers of the university.

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