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  • Jerma Lepani (UPNG Journalism Student)

Bishop Dariusz Kaluza: There is Life and Resurrection in the Eucharist

St. Joseph, East Boroko: At the heart of St. Joseph’s Parish in Port Moresby, East Boroko, the faithful gathered in excitement and anticipation as the chairman warmly welcomed Bishop Dariusz Kaluza MSF (Bishop of Bougainville) to celebrate mass on the 3rd Sunday of Easter on April 14, 2024.

The parish chairman welcomed His Lordship Bishop Dariusz Kaluza MSF in the name of the Father and said the Parish was blessed to have him preside mass there and assured him of continuous prayers from the congregation.

He also mentioned that this would be the first time for Bishop Dariusz to celebrate mass at St. Joseph’s Parish.

The church was adorned with fragrant flowers and flickering candles, exuding a heightened spiritual presence and an atmosphere of reverence and holiness, setting the stage for a divine encounter.

The processions accompanied by the majestic choir soared and filled the sacred space with hymns of praise led by the Blessed Peter Torot BCC 4.

During the homily, Bishop Dariusz talked about three main points of Christ’s resurrection:

  • The reassurance of faith,

  • breaking of the bread,

  • and being witnesses of Christ inspiring all who are present to reflect on their faith and their role in the world.

“The story of Easter em stori bilong hamamas, stori bilong bel isi, stori bilong hope, na stori bilong doubt, we olgeta manmeri i tingting planti. Yumi kam bung na hamamas wantaim Kraist i kirap na i stap laip. Em yet i soim pasin bel isi na fogivim rong bilong ol manmeri bilong graun. Long dispela Yukaris yumi kam bung long painim bel isi insait long kainkain hevi long laip bilong yumi”, said Bishop Darius Kaluza.


The Bishop also added on by saying, “Jesus is also speaking to us”. When he appeared to us on Easter, like he has done for his disciples, “what have we been doing?”


Most of us were just in the dark filled with fear and struggles but, the Lord says, ‘Peace be with you’. The words portray his love and reassurance that he had brought us from the world through his death and has resurrected with us on Easter.

More benevolently, and as the key highlight of his Homily, the Bishop put clear the main reason for the breaking of the bread. With which he reveals that ‘life is in the Eucharist’. And that was shown to us when Christ himself broke the bread and shared it amongst his disciples during the last supper.

Becoming witnesses (martyrs in Greek) of Christ’s resurrection was the Bishop’s final message. Saying, the resurrection of Christ is not to remain as a myth but as a life’s journey to live as witnesses of Christ.

Encouraging now the parishioners to change and bear witness to the truth, which is Christ himself.

“Yumi mas tanim bel na kamap witnesses bilong Kraist”.

After the mass, the parishioners shared gratitude and said that the presence of the Bishop has brought about a profound sense of connection to the wider church and a reminder of the continuity of faith across generations.

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