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  • Sonya Kombeo (UPNG Journalism Student)

Bishop Auram Celebrates Mass at Christ the King Parish, Badili

Badili, Port Moresby: Joyous singing and a meaningful homily are what make a beautiful Sunday mass and that was what it felt like during the second mass that was celebrated by the Bishop of Kimbe, His Lordship John Bosco Auram on Sunday April 14, 2024.

(His Lordship Bishop John Bosco Auram takes a group picture with some of the parishioners of Christ the King. PC: Sonya Kombeo)

One can not deny the harmonious singing led by the Saint Cecilia BCC of the parish that in one way or the other had set the mood for the meaningful message that was shared in the Bishop’s homily.

In his homily, Bishop Auram stressed the wonderful experience of Jesus saying it is yet a wonderful thing when we all experience Jesus in the breaking of the bread.

Adding on to his wonderful and well-shared homily, he said when we have masses on Sundays, we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his victory over death.

“We should proclaim the words, not only by our hearts but also by our lives”, said the Bishop.

After the mass when interviewing a parishioner, Mary Domara, she said, “it was a beautiful mass, especially with the songs sung nicely… and what made it more beautiful was that the Bishop cantored the mass.”

The Bishop had a quick chat with parishioners before sharing some refreshments with the religious  Sisters before heading back to the CBC.



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