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Archbishop Sir John Cardinal Ribat MSC calls for Peace and Unity

Port Moresby: Archbishop of Port Moresby His Eminence Sir John Cardinal Ribat MSC in his Pastoral Letter dated January 19, 2024 is calling on people of goodwill to unite as one people of God, live in the spirit of respect and love to make the country safe and peaceful for everyone. 

The call came after the unfortunate events of Black Wednesday on January 10, 2024. 

Cardinal Ribat said the acts of looting, destruction, burning of shops and buildings with the Police presence was not a good example and is sinful and morally wrong. 

“The people failed to uphold their Christian values, respect and promote good behaviors and support towards the owners of the properties as they provide goods and services to our people and communities in the country”

Cardinal Ribat also shared that he was approached by the media before Christmas to respond to a collective statement made by the people that they cannot celebrate like they used to. To which he replied and said the prices of goods and services increases with time while wages and salaries remain the same resulting in people finding it difficult to sustain themselves and appealed to the government to subsidize basic store goods such as rice, sugar, tea, tinned food etc.

“What we have built with our leaders over 49 years of Independence was destroyed within a day and has painted a gloomy image of our nation.”

His Eminence said there has to be a collective effort by the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, Public Servants, Law Enforcers, Church Leaders and the citizens of the country to correct what has happened and to ensure it does not happen again in the future. 

He added that blaming one another will not correct the problem that had caused the mess and unlawful destruction in our nation. 

He concluded by calling on the leaders in the Government to listen to the people’s cry and suffering, especially with the current state of our failing economy and cut down on the cost of their travels and additional ministries. He also encouraged the public servants to do their work diligently for the good of the people.

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