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A Call for Election and Security Officials to ensure Free, Fair and Safe Election 2022

The President of Catholic Professionals, Mr. Paul Harricknen, joins other concerned groups and sections of the society who are advocating and calling for a free, fair and safe elections 2022, as reports and learnings from the past especially 2012 and 2017, has seen great malpractices.

There are already reports of violence, unruly behaviours and intimidation by candidates and their supporters which is not a good start to this election 2022.

Our biggest concerns are on allowing every citizen to vote without harassment, for the election processes to be safeguarded and not rigged, and for the entrusted officers of the electoral commission and the discipline forces to carry out their responsibilities as required by the law of this nation. Particular concerns are on the security of ballot papers which are always tempered with by the people expected to safeguard, namely the election and security officials, entrusted with conducting the elections. There is fear that there may be repeat of this, this time if not taken seriously by the election and security leaders and officials, PNG may be poised for a broken political system. In fact already there are signs of a broken political system, which we need to rectify.

Mr. Harricknen said, while education and awareness is conducted targeting the voters to vote wisely and a free, fair and safe elections, the real danger is with the security of the ballots. Voters usually vote for the candidates of their choices. However, their votes are tempered and altered on transit from locations and at the counting venues. We need commitment from the election officials and the security personnel to turn up for duties to ensure free, fair and safe elections for their people and country.

CPS is also calling on Christians and people of faith to pray and entrust the elections to the grace and love of God. Corruption is evil, which must be fought physically and spiritually.

Authorised by Paul Harricknen, OL


25 May 2022

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