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  • Ahisha Mangot

85 receive Sacrament of Confirmation on Feast of Holy Trinity in Boregaina

Holy Trinity Parish, Boregaina: The Parish saw a lively gathering and celebration as religious, clergy, parishioners, families, and friends from outside and around the parish came in great numbers to celebrate the Holy Trinity Feast Day on Sunday 26th of May.

(The newly confirmed candidates with the four priests after mass)

Presiding over the joyous occasion was Reverend Fr Bruce Kupi, the Pastoral Vicar of the Archdiocese of Port Moresby. Assisting with the Eucharistic celebration were con celebrants, parish priest Fr Alex Balasamy MMI, assistant parish priest Fr Arockia Samy Novil Alex MMI and parish priest of St. Stephen, Cape Rodney Fr Cleetus Vargheese MMI.

It was a joyful occasion for the parish, as they witnessed a total of 85 candidates receiving the sacrament of confirmation during the holistic celebration of the feast day of the Parish as well. An indication that shows that the church is still growing.

Adding a special holy touch to the celebration was the beautiful choir and the energetic processions led by the Catholic Theological Institute Seminarians with the assistance of the parishioners and the young people from Tubulamo, Taboro, Kubui and Dorom Koki areas.

During Fr. Bruce’s homily, the Reverend reflected on the gospel of Mt 28:16-20. The scripture talks about Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as one. 

As an encouragement to the 85 participants, the priest told them that the Holy Trinity is a mystery, and it is through the sacrament of confirmation that one receives the Holy Spirit.

The Reverend also told the participants that:  “To receive the sacrament of confirmation is a big responsibility. For it means one must defend, and stand firm on his/ her Catholic faith no matter what”.

Fr Bruce also highlighted in his homily that Jesus gave the authority to make disciples of all nations baptizing his children in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

“We the Catholics have been practicing this from the very beginning of our church… dear candidates stand firm on your Catholic Faith and do not be moved and discouraged by the stones being thrown at our faith.”

He then further expressed that, to make disciples of the nation, one must first stand firm in his/her faith and beliefs. For the Holy Trinity is a mystery to everyone but is lived by one’s faith.

He said to everyone to be proud of the Catholic faith, it is founded by Jesus Christ and as stated in the bible no evil shall prevail against it.

 The mass concluded with acknowledgements from the Parish Priest Fr Alex Balasamy MMI, and a group photo with the main celebrant Fr Bruce Kupi, Fr Alex Balasamy, Fr Cleetus Vargheese and Fr Arockia Samy Novil Alex and the 85 confirmed candidates.

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