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My exciting experience with CBC

- Stephanie Aitsi

CBC: I started my trainee work experience on Tuesday, June 12 at the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG & SI.

I am Stephanie Aitsi and I attend La Salle Technical College where I study Office Administration. I am in grade 11 also known as final year and as a school requirement, I have to gain work experience.

So, I did my 4-week work experience with CBC and I was assigned to the finance office where I worked under CBC’s accounts officer, Vivian Nangile.

On my first day, she introduced me to all the staff at CBC where they warmly welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. Prior to that, I was taken to the admin manager’s office and the admin manager welcomed me to the company.

I really enjoyed my stay at CBC because all the staff where very open to me and made me feel at home and when I asked questions, they answered and I learnt a lot of things especially with the finance section.

Here at CBC, I learnt many things that I did not learn about in school and it was how to be a good Christian and talking to people from different age groups. I also attended a meeting with the finance department which was new and interesting for me.

We had a Human Resource Management workshop for the CBC staff and I was very impressed that I had learned something very important.

One very important thing that I love and is unique about this organisation is how the Admin Manager, Sr. Kumari Pappu FIHM, encourages me. She is a very kind and loving person who had help me a lot in advising me to be a better person in life.

Therefore, I would like to thank the CBC Management and the staff for having me here with them for my practical.

My work experience ended on Friday, July 6th and with the experience from CBC and the things that I have learnt, I am now leaving CBC as a very happy person. 

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