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CBC Condemns Mendi rampage


Press release

The Catholic Bishops Conference has condemned the people’s actions in the Mendi rampage.


This comes after supporters of a losing election candidate went on a rampage resulting in the burning of an Air Niugini aircraft, the local court house, the provincial governor, William Powi’s residence and other buildings in Mendi town.

Fr Victor Roche, CBC’s General Secretary, in a statement on Sunday 17 June 2018, has called on the government to bring those people, including the leaders to justice.

“They have not only damaged the public property but also irreparably damaged the image and dignity of our country,” Fr Victor stated.

He said that the people are not ready for the APEC summit as we have given wrong signals to the APEC participants.

“We may be ready with roads, buildings, hotels, high powered security and well trained staff, but we, the people, are not ready for such an international meeting,” said Fr Victor.

“We call upon the government to do a proper investigation on the election process, the results and the judgements in the judiciary.”

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