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Bad news: FB Closure and sorcery-related killings

Press Release from CBC

It is not good news about the alleged closure of Facebook or social media for a month.


These were the words of CBC’s General Secretary, Fr Victor Roche in a media statement on Monday, 4 June 2018.

“It is really sad that many people defame the leaders and others through social media,“ said Fr Victor Roche. 


Fr Victor stated that instead of shutting down Facebook, the Minister for Communication can take action through the legal means.

He said that this is a time when PNG wants to showcase to other member countries of APEC that PNG is abreast with development and human rights.

The General Secretary also highlighted on the increase of sorcery related killings in the country. His concern on this issues comes after a report on three people that were killed in sorcery related cases outside of Goroka a few weeks back.

“CBC calls on the Government and police to take necessary means to stop these sorcery related killings,” stated Fr Victor Roche.

“There are also tribal fights going on in some parts of the country and there is no respect for human life.”

He said that in some cases, the police have remained silent even when they were alerted by police and that many people watch or are just observers of the killings.

“It is not a good picture for PNG. Thus, we need to have a reality check and have awareness among the people and the police.”

CBC asks the Government to seek the help of the churches and non-government agencies to make awareness programs to the people and the police.

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