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Mendi celebrates World Day for Grandparents & Elderly

Mendi: As a tribute to commemorate 'World Day for Grandparents and Elderly', a eucharistic mass was celebrated by the diocese of Mendi.

The mass was held on Sunday 25th July with the Bishop of Mendi, Donald Lippert OFM Cap, as the main celebrant.

In his homily Bp Don said he was worried about how an individual society treated its elderly and urged young people to give them love and attention.

He noted how for many of us, "Our grandparents cared for us, ever since we were children, they held us in their arms and sat us on their knees, that love helped us to grow into adulthood."

He urged young adults to visit their grandparents and elder relatives, and the older people in their neighbourhood. "They protected us as we grew, and now it is up to us to protect their lives, alleviate their difficulties, to attend to their needs and to ensure that they are helped in daily life and not feel alone" he said.

It was during mass that the Bishop gave his blessing to elderly who were sick so that they may be healed from their illnesses.

Present were also elderly peoples and the Catholic Faithfuls and Seminarians take part in Eucharistic celebration.

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