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Bishop Rolando Santos CM visits Woodlark Island

Alotau: On April 4, 2024, history was repeated as His Lordship Most Rev. Rolando C. Santos CM and the Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority (MBPHA) visited the Island of Woodlark for a canonical visit to the school and inspection of the newly built Aid Post for Kulumadau community.

(Group picture of the stakeholders standing in front of the newly built aid post for Kulumadau community)

The aid post and the visit of the Bishop and the MBPHA to Kulumadau in Woodlark Islands came about as a result of the request made by the people to the Bishop during his last visit a few years ago, on the need to get an aid post to assist in their medical needs.

The Bishop was accompanied by Sr. Vimala Francis MSI, Catholic Education Secretary, Sr. Normita Rosario MSI, Catholic Health Secretary, Mr James Tomiyavau - Director Caritas, Seminarian Christian Agomuo from the Social Communications Desk.

Members from the Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority were led by Dr. Noel Yaubihi, Board Member, Mr. Bill Peter, the Architect, Mr. Phil Tabua, Deputy Director of Policy and Mr. Issac Jonathan Board Secretary for Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority.

During this visit, Bp. Rolando was received greatly by the Catholic Community of Woodlark led by their administrator Rev. Fr. Homero CM.

A Eucharistic Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated at the Kulumadau Primary School Compound. In attendance at the Mass of thanksgiving were the staff and teachers of Kulumadau Primary and Junior High School, Woodlark Catholic Community, other Christian faithful from the United Church, SDA, CRC Churches, and the hosts - students and pupils of Kulumadau Primary and Junior High School.

The event also featured a pilgrimage visit to the site where blessed John Mazzucconi was Martyred at Guasopa and the Bishop celebrated a mass of Thanksgiving at the beach of Guasopa island in honor of blessed John Mazzucconi.

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