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Participants reminded of Role of Laity in Church

-          Solomon Islands Correspondent


Wagina, Solomon Islands: Forty-one participants in Wagina were part of a two-day workshop that focused on the purpose of laity, the Bible and family life. 


Held from 4th to 5th September, at the Wagina parish in the Catholic Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands, a workshop had presentations from Jerom Kuibatu with the help of Rev Fr Humberto, parish priest of Wagina. 


The participants were selected from different standing ministries in the parish along with each village leader from the different existing zones in the village. They were made up of youths, the Sunday school teachers, the legion of Mary, the men’s group and the women’s group. 


The workshop really opened the eyes and hearts of all the participants and led them to a new awareness and understanding of the meaning of being baptized and sent. 

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Because of our baptism, we laity had these responsibilities to take part in the church dynamically. It is not the priest's responsibility alone for the growth of the parish, but working together with our parish priest will bring oneness, in community and be united. 


The topic on the bible was well appreciated by most of the participants. It allows them to know more than what they know before about the bible. The bible is not only a book but the word of God, alive and active. 


Knowing now how to use the bible and not just reading it one may have a question such as, who would continue to make this holy bible alive and active if we don’t use it or take it as part of our daily life. 

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