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CBC staff Orientation cum Recollection

- By Abigail Seta

Monday, 8 January 2018, Port Moresby:

The staff of Catholic Bishop’s Conference (CBC) welcomed 2018 by hosting their first orientation-cum-recollection for the year on 8th January, 2018.

The orientation conducted by CBC’s administrator, Sr Kumari Pappu FIHM, consisted of three sessions and was held in the conference room at the office in Gordons.

In the first session, between 8am and 9am, a short devotion on forgiveness of a father’s love and the son’s response, based on the parable of the Prodigal Son. The second session from 10am to 12pm saw a discussion of various topics from listening, to the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious mind and on factors contributing to a person’s behaviour. CBC staff shared their personal thoughts and understanding of this topic through open discussions.  The third session, dealt with activities based on the power of positive thinking.  Relaxation exercises and graceful dance movements helped the staff relax and share on the points presented.  The participants also enjoyed a delicious lunch cooked by Zoilo Agabe. 

“The presentation was very good. There were a lot of things about the power of positive living.” CBC’s document officer, Joseph Direkoro stated.

“At the start of the New Year, it is good for CBC staff to be involved in such activities because everyone here is different and this is a way for the staff to start off the year with positive thinking and living,” Joseph said.

Another staff, Willie who is CBC’s carpenter commented on the orientation, saying:

“Sista Kumari wokim dispela presentation nais tru. Em wokim gutpla skul na mipla olgeta hamamas long dispela.” (Sr Kumari did a very nice presentation and we’re all happy.)

The National Catholic Education Commission’s finance officer, Joyce Turwai also commented on how lively the orientation was.

“The presentation was very informative and everyone was contributing and participating in the activities,” said Joyce.

She went on to say: “One thing I realized in this session was that most times we got to talk about other people and other things and we don’t really talk about ourselves. I liked this session because Sr Kumari got us involved and we talked about ourselves.”

Many of the staff enjoyed the orientation and are looking forward to more. 

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