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The future of a child depends on early childhood development

Bp. Rolando Santos CM – 


Alotau: UNICEF Australia in collaboration with the Catholic Education Agency of the Diocese of Alotau, conducted two trainings in Alotau.  

They aim to put up 12 Early Childhood Development Training Centers in 4 parishes. These centres will prepare children between the ages of 3 to 5 years to enter the school system.

The first training was held from 18-29 June 2018 at the Diocesan Community Center, Alotau. It was for those who will be teaching the children. The second training was held from 18-21 July for members of the Board of Management.  24 participants took part in each of the trainings. 

Bp. Rolando Santos stressed that the education of children from the earliest age should never be neglected. 

“Early childhood development is so crucial such that the future of a child depends heavily on the kind of education he or she receives early in life.”

“This should be done with much care and love. It should also be holistic, and include the spiritual, as Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me” (Lk 18:16)”, said Bp Rolando

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