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Enlightening Regional Seminar in Madang

- Abigail Seta


Alexishafen, Madang: The Second Regional Youth and Media Education Seminar was held in Alexishafen, Madang from July 17th to 20th. 


15 media and youth personnel from the Archdiocese of Madang, Diocese of Aitape, Diocese of Lae and the Diocese of Vanimo were present for the program.  The Archdiocese of Madang had representatives from other departments as well. 


The seminar was organized and conducted by the Youth and Social Communication Commission of Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC) of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.  Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, CBC’s Communication and Youth Secretary, Fr Martin We-en, Radio Maria’s program director and Abigail Seta were animators at the program.


In this Year of Youth 2018, the focus was on understanding the theme: ‘Called to the fullness of Life and Love’, and producing programs that will spread the theme to young people as well as youth animators, teachers and all who care for the young. 


In highlighting the theme, Fr. Ambrose stressed that young people need to understand and celebrate the Sacraments.  “The weekly Sacrament of the Eucharist and the regular Sacrament of Recollection needs to be emphasised.  Secondly, our young people need to be instructed and prepared to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage”, said Fr. Ambrose. 


The program was very interactive and the participants were given opportunities to share their experiences.  “Sharing our views and listening to the experiences of others gave us a deeper understanding of the lives of our young people,” said Fr Eugene Grengary, an Archdiocese of Madang participant.


Photographs, writing articles and producing Radio Programs were the media sessions at the seminar.  The participants were instructed on the elements of a good photograph.  They were also reminded on the care and protection of expensive electronic equipment.


The 5Ws+1H were dealt with by Abigail Seta.  The participants learnt the principles and have promised to send in regular articles of diocese and parish events. “This seminar has opened a door for us to send in stories from each of our dioceses and hopefully, the dioceses are able to establish a media network,” said Angela Yali, a participant from the Archdiocese of Madang.


Fr Martin presented an over view of the audio media.  Producing Radio Jingles and Radio dramas then followed.  These will be edited and the best ones broadcast on Radio Maria. 


Participants had the unique opportunity to speak for a minute on what they are passionate about.  The one-minute video recording was then viewed by all.  It gave them insights into how they are perceived by by others.  “What you say needs to be positive and inspiring and above all reflects what you do”, said Fr. Ambrose.


Several participants expressed great satisfaction at being able to discuss youth issues, learn about the media and use this platform to inspire young people.


“The sessions were very important and empowering.  I am inspired by Jeffrey Katusele’s documentary on the life of Archbishop Francisco Panfilo, Archbishop of Rabaul.  It has challenged me to inspire young people by my life”, said Apelis Kunubak. 


“I was inspired by the film ‘Sting Coins’.  It has enlightened me on the power of the media and what I can do for our young people,” said Harry Bulunasoi, media officer, Diocese of Lae.


“I have benefited greatly from this program and look forward to further seminars to understand different approaches and how the media can be used for evangelization of our young people”, said Cecilia Mave, Youth Coordinator, of the Diocese of Aitape.  Several participants expressed similar sentiments.


The first regional seminar was held in the Archdiocese of Rabaul in the month of May and was attended by participants from the New Guinea Islands.  The next seminar is scheduled for the Highlands region which will be held in Mt Hagen in August.  


An International Short Film Festival will be held at Paradise Cinema, Vision City on 4th August, 2018.

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