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Focolare Movement

- Fr. Andrew Moses


Daru-Kiunga: The Bishop, Priests and chosen lay people of Daru-Kiunga Diocese had a rare opportunity to reflect, share and exchange experiences of Churches and spirituality with visitors of the Focolare Movement from the Philippines.

The Focolare Movement is a lay Movement started by Chiara Lubich in Trent, Italy after the war. They live and promote the spirituality of unity and have over two million members around the world.

The visitors, comprised of a lay couple, Lito and Ethel, and two priests, Fr. Emmanuel and Fr. Joel, came upon the invitation of the Bishop to conduct the annual seminar for the clergy followed by their Retreat in view of strengthening the Church’s spirituality, “Spiritualty of Communion” promoted in the diocese.

The highlights of the reflection and sharing were based on some key aspects of the spirituality of unity namely; art of loving, sources of the will of God, understanding of self and others, personal resilience, difficulties and challenges of unity seen as Jesus forsaken and seeing them as opportunities to loving more. The seminar concluded with sharing on Family and Youth as priority areas for building unity today and in the future, and on Blessed Mary as model and Mother of unity. The participants were challenged to move out of their comfort zones to the gifts zone, meaning all that they received from God. They were encouraged to love and unite with Christ always as a source and a fundamental step in building unity.

Chiara Lubich said that we always have to be the first to love a bit more and that it is better to be imperfect in unity than to be perfect in disunity.

The seminar was enriching and a blessing for the participants in many ways while the visitors expressed content in sharing and also learning the experiences of building a church based on the spirituality of communion in the diocese.

At the closing Eucharist, Bishop Gilles Cote, SMM on behalf of the Diocese, thanked the new friends for their visit to the Church in Western Province of Papua New Guinea. “We have indeed been refreshed and greatly blessed by your visit and your sharing”, he expressed. Our relationship needs to continue.

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